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Jonathan E Adams - Individual Biography

As both a business and community leader, Jonathan E Adams has strong roots in Easton, Massachusetts, and the New England area. In addition to founding an outsourced IT services company in 1997, Adams continues to play an active role in the support of schools and students in his neighborhood. Along with his wife, Coni, Adams works in various capacities to support many charitable organizations and events.

Career History and Highlights

Adams serves as the president and owner of Wizard Computer Services, Inc. Covering the greater New England area, the company provides IT solutions in the areas of consulting, installation, support and managed services. Skilled employees handle the needs of a wide range of commercial clients. Jonathan E Adams also includes several other professional and community positions on his profile:

• Managing partner of JAdams Realty, LLC

• Managing partner of Jazbo, LLC

• Football coordinator for Easton Tigers football

• Sponsor for Stoughton Police Relief Association golf tournament

• CoChairman of Team Intestinal Fortitude

Academic History

Adams attended Dean College from 1994-1997. This private, fully accredited college located in St. Franklin, MA, offers a range of bachelor's degrees and associate degrees.

Professional Skills

As both an IT professional and a real estate professional, Jonathan E Adams has many industry contacts and endorsements in these fields. He serves as the head of several companies giving him significant business experience across many disciplines.


The career highlights of Adams include reaching the milestone of 25 years in business for Wizard Computer Services, Inc. The company counts more than 700 satisfied commercial clients during this period. Adams led the growth of the company from one employee to its current roster of more than 20 employees. Adams also counts significant achievements in his works for community and charitable causes.

Personal History and Highlights for Jonathan E Adams

As a husband and father of four children, Adams plays a vital role in his community, often serving in various capacities for charitable organizations. In addition to volunteering for many school positions, often in connection with his children, Adams works for organizations such as Team Intestinal Fortitude, for which he received the honor of Man of the Year in 2014.

His interests tend to align with sports and he has, at various times and in various capacities, held positions for school teams for football, baseball and golf. Highlights of these efforts include his time as the coach for the Super Bowl champion 4th grade Easton Tigers. In addition to other interests, Adams enjoys weightlifting and golf in his spare time.

Philanthropic History and Highlights

Along with his wife, Jonathan E Adams has a long and active history in supporting philanthropic causes, with both time and donations. His works cover organizations for medical causes, school and student support, police organizations and community assistance.

His work for Team Intestinal Fortitude, an organization committed to fundraising in support of Crohn's and Colitis cures and treatments, resulted in more than one million dollars raised over 10 years. Adams served as CoChairman and received the Man of the Year award from the organization in 2014.

Adams has also donated funds to Dedham Country Day for school budgetary support and to allow for more opportunities for students. The school report listed both Jonathan E Adams and Coni L Adams as reaching the category of President's Roundtable contributors and as a school contributor for between five to nine years. Adams has a history of playing an active role in several other charities:

• Rodman Celebration for Kids for five years

• Stoughton Police Relief Association for four years

• School on Wheels for four years

• Massachusetts state police blue and white gala for two years

Adams sometimes works with his company, Wizard Computer Solutions, to support charitable causes. One example of this came as a bronze key sponsor for a gala for School on Wheels Massachusetts. This organization supports the academic, social and economic growth of students experiencing a homeless situation by training personal tutors for impacted students.

Community Organization and School Support

Since as early as his time at Dean College, in St. Franklin, MA, Jonathan E Adams lays claim to strong roots in New England. In addition to basing most of his professional work in the area, he continues to reside in North Easton, MA, and raises a family in the area. Often in connection with the activities of his children, Adams supports a range of school and community events and causes.

He worked for the benefit of the Easton Tigers Youth Football and Easton Youth Baseball organizations to provide support for the youth of the area. Through his association with The Rodman Celebration for Kids, Adams provided an opportunity for the community to support children through donations that gave additional opportunities for youth.

Jonathan E Adams also has worked to support organizations that strive to make Easton, MA, and nearby communities a better place to live. This includes working for several police agencies that keep neighborhoods safe for everyone.


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